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Secondary Education
Linda Gartin
Director of Secondary Education and Reading
(352) 463-3207


Secondary schools in Gilchrist County include grades 6-12. The curriculum for middle school and high school includes core classes and elective courses required by the state. Students are given the opportunity to enroll in rigorous courses to meet their individual educational needs and are encouraged to take advantage of elective and extracurricular courses and activities. Required credits and courses are listed in the Middle School and High School Student Progressions Plans.

Listed below are areas related to secondary education:

Florida Reading Initiative

Bell and Trenton High Schools participate in the Florida Reading Initiative. Teachers have received training through the FRI Academy in the use of reading strategies in all curriculum areas. Reading is given priority since it is recognized that success in school depends on a student’s ability to read on or above grade level.

Each district in Florida submits a District Reading Plan to the Department of Education. The plan addresses state reading requirements and implementation of these requirements in the district. Students who are working below grade level in reading are enrolled in intensive reading classes. These classes focus on each individual student’s needs and incorporate whole group, small group, and individual instruction. For more information on the Reading Plan click on this link.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading program used for independent reading in middle and high school. Students are given an assessment to determine their reading level and students read books and take tests on the computer to assess comprehension of their independent reading. Students are assessed several times each year to determine if growth is occurring and reading levels can be increased.

Through the process of building comprehension on their independent reading level, students build a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Bell Middle/High AR List (PDF)Trenton Middle/High AR List (PDF)

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a successful acceleration mechanism that allows high school students to pursue an advanced curriculum related to their postsecondary interests. High school students are allowed to simultaneously earn credit toward high school completion and an associated degree at a Florida public postsecondary institution.

Students who are eligible for Dual Enrollment are permitted to enroll in courses during school hours, after school hours, and during the summer term. In Gilchrist County, courses are offered on the high school campus with a high school teacher, online through Lake City Community College, and at the LCCC Gilchrist Center in Bell.

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria for Dual Enrollment:

• Enrollment in a Florida public or nonpublic secondary school, or in a home education program;
• Have a 3.0 unweighted grade point average to enroll in college credit courses
• Pass the appropriate section of the college placement test or ACT;
• Meet any additional admissions criteria specified by the postsecondary institution in the district interinstitutional articulation agreement.

For additional information regarding Dual Enrollment, contact the guidance counselor at each high school.

Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education is a planned program of courses and learning experiences that begins with exploration of career options, supports basic academic and life skills, and enables achievement of high academic standards, leadership, options for high skill, high wage employment preparation, and advanced and continuing education.

Career and Technical Education is a program of study that provides students with the skills needed for careers in growing employment sectors. Upon graduation, Career and Technical Education students may enter employment, apprenticeship, one-year or two-year college degree or certificate programs, four-year college degree programs or other post-secondary training. Career and Technical Education provides hands-on applied learning experiences that build academic knowledge, problem solving skills, general employment skills and specific career skills.

Gilchrist County Schools offer a variety of Career and Technical Programs including to Career Tech Academies, Magnet Programs, and programs offered at each school. Please click HERE for more info on Career and Technical Education in Gilchrist County.  The links below give specific information on each Career Tech Program:

Academy of Health Related Professions
Criminal Justice Program
Agriscience and Natural Resources
Teacher Cadet Program
JROTC (Magnet Program – Not Career Tech Program)

Academy of Construction and Engineering Technology
Business Technology Program
Agriscience Program
Teacher Cadet Program

Tech Prep

Tech Prep gives students the opportunity to start a college technical major in high school. Upon high school graduation, students continue their studies at a community college, technical center, or registered apprenticeship program. At the completion of their program, students receive a certificate/license, associate degree and/or bachelor’s degree. Tech Prep links high school and college programs. Articulation is a planned process with high school courses containing the same content as an equivalent college course and for which a postsecondary institution has agreed to award college credit or technical center hours that are applied toward the completion of a career program. Program articulation assures that students experience a seamless transition from high school to college without additional delays such as duplication of coursework.

Gilchrist County career and technical students have many opportunities to obtain college credit through Tech Prep. The following programs have Tech Prep Agreements. If you are interested in this program, see your Career Tech teacher or your guidance counselor.

Academy of Health Related Professions
Nursing, R.N.
Pharmacy Management
Emergency Medical Services Management
Physical Therapy Assistant
Cardio Pulminary Tech
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician (Being Developed)
Dental Hygiene
Dental Lab Assisiting (Being Developed)
Cardiovascular Technology (Being Developed)
Nuclear Medicine Technology (Being Developed)
Radiography (Being Developed)
Respiratory Care (Being Developed)
Surgical Technology Certificate (Being Developed)

Criminal Justice Program
Criminal Justice

Agriscience and Natural Resources
Agribusiness Program (Being Developed)

Academy of Construction and Engineering Technology
Building Construction Technology

Business Program
Business Administration
Computer Programming and Analysis
Business Office Systems
Computer Information Technology
Graphic Design Technology
Legal Assisting
Health Information Management

Teacher Cadet
Teacher Assisting

Ready to Work

The Ready to Work Program will help prepare prospective and current employers with information about the dependability and skills of workers. This credential is given to students who pass designated assessments in reading, applied mathematics, and locating information. Each assessment is scored on a scale from 3 to 7. The higher the score, the greater the participant’s ability to perform more complex skills on the job. The assessments are offered online but must be taken at a certified Florida Ready to Work testing center. Both Bell and Trenton High Schools are certified testing centers.

Juniors and Seniors in Career Tech Programs are being targeted for this testing. Students who score poorly have the option to practice their skills through an online tutorial program and retest.

Graduation Requirements

New Graduation Requirements To Be Posted Soon, Please Return Soon

Middle School Promotion Requirements

Major Areas of Interest

Florida ninth graders starting high school in 2007-2008 must select a Major Area of Interest before entering ninth grade. The major is made up of four elective classes. These can be classes offered at the school, through dual enrollment, online/virtual education classes, and certain internships and work experience. For a “major,” a student will need to take four elective courses above the courses required to graduate.

A “major” gives students the chance to explore subjects they are interested in or focus on something they enjoy. By selecting a Major Area of Interest, students can make their high school experience more relevant, increase the value of elective classes, and earn special designation on their high school diploma.

Students will sign up for their Major Area of Interest through their guidance counselor.

Blue Ridge Academy

Blue Ridge Academy is a computer-based program offered to students in grades 9-12 meeting specific criteria. Seniors who are lacking credits for graduation and 9th-11th graders who have failed core classes need to see their guidance counselor to inquire about eligibility for Blue Ridge Academy.

Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School is a computer based Florida Public School. Florida Statute 1001.42 states that access to Florida Virtual School shall be available to students during or after the normal school day and through summer school enrollment. Students in the Gilchrist County School System will be provided access during the school day if the student has an enrichment plan through exceptional student education. All other students will be given access after the normal school day.


FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test) - This test determines if a student has met proficiency levels in the areas listed below. Students are required to take the FCAT in the following grades:

• 6th Grade – Reading and Math
• 7th Grade – Reading and Math
• 8th Grade - Reading, Math, Science, and Writing
• 9th Grade - Reading and Math
• 10th Grade – Reading, Math, and Writing
• 11th Grade – Science

For information on the Common Core State Standards, please click HERE.

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